AWS S3 Cost Saving tips

Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 is probably one of the most popular option chosen for storage today. Over the years S3 has proven to be very cost effective and reliable. It was initally targeted for small to medium range companies who would not want to make a... »

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Bash Loops for one liners

So you have your bash one liner all done and ready to go may be with a little help from or from Peteris Krumins’ blog . Here is an example that outputs a csv line of your external host name/ip address pair.

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PASS (the standard unix password manager & iCloud Integration)

Pass (the standard unix password manager) is the way to go if you have a myriad of passwords to remember and you can’t come up with new ones fast enough as they expire or forgotten. If you want to know more about pass, this tutorial here at... »

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AWK in a day's work

It is pretty common that when you have a log file, you sometimes tend to zone in on a single column and do some sort of aggregration. This happened when I was checking out my HTTP access logs (I had not installed awstats yet). So to get... »

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Apple's Push Notification with Ruby EventMachine.

Apple’s Push Notification is a great way to complement your app and enhance your users experience even when your app is not running. One of the challenges in supporting Push Notification in your iPhone/iPad app is the communication with Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). Typically you might... »

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C++ Multithreading Idioms Part 1

In the current world memory managed programs like Java, Ruby we fail to appreciate some of the idioms that languages like C/C++ provide in their language constructs. Taking advantage of the object lifetimes we can use very cool tricks to make the code more modular and efficient.

... »
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